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Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is the main ISO 9001:2015 guaranteed Cooling Towers Manufactures and exporters since 1989Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd puts impressively in innovative work, to keep up and ceaselessly grow our skill. In doing this we give consistent advancement of new, Low cost, more proficient cooling towers to suit each field of utilizations

Adiabetic Cooling Tower

Magine a liquid cooler running fans yet with the splash pump off. On the off chance that the air is cool enough, the circle temperature is low enough to prop

Dry Cooling Towers

They are designed meticulously for water distribution and are highly resistant to temperature and weathering.

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

The use of targeted nozzles eliminates the need for separate diffusion deck. These FRP square type cooling towers.

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Welcome to the Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd – Cooling Tower Manufacturers in India – Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is the leading ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer and exporters of Cooling Towers.

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We assure to supply our branded products at very competitive price with excellent quality performance and timely dispatch to satisfy our customers.

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We provide full service from Cooling Tower selection, design, operating / condition computation, manufacture, delivery and installation.

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We assure to supply a world class solution equipment at competitive price with excellent quality performance on time delivery basis.




    Heat Transfer Equipments is engaged with manufacturing of FRP square shape cooling towers which are offered at reasonable costs. Requesting clients of Square Cooling Towers are diesel motor, process coolers, machine and cooling plants and D.G Set ect. The FRP square sort Cooling towers we offer have settled focused on spouts in the high temp water bowl. They are planned fastidiously for water circulation and are exceptionally impervious to temperature and weathering. The utilization of focused spouts wipes out the requirement for discrete dispersion deck. These FRP square sort cooling towers are favored for least float misfortunes, simple openness of inner segments, high thermodynamic effectiveness and low influence prerequisites. Simple to keep up, these FRP square shape cooling towers can be introduced on rooftop tops.

  • All specification for this model are same as that of round bottle shaped cooling towers, although the sprinkler are replaced by nozzles in this model. These fixed targeted nozzles are used in the hot water basin. They are specifically designed to deliver the required water distribution and are highly resistant against temperature and weathering damage. The use of target nozzles also eliminates the requirement for separate diffusion deck, which is otherwise required to provide complete water distribution throughout the fill area. These nozzles operate under gravity with utmost precision.

  • Being round, the air flow through the towers is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore they have been proven to be thermodynamically the most efficient design in the field. This translated directly into reducing running costs. The towers offers PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The counter flow design facilitates low pump heads. The water is distributed inside the towers over the fill area through the self rotating sprinkler so as to give an even distribution over the complete fill area.

  • We Design and Manufacture a comprehensive Seamless Cooling Tower here in India, our designing peoples concentrate much more to develop these kind of Seamless Cooling Systems as per our buyers requirement that have a single piece shell. There are no seems, panels, rivets or plenty of fasteners in this Seamless Cooling Towers and with no compromise of Quality, Competitive price and Elegant look. Contact us for more information on our Seamless Cooling Systems.