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Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is the Leading frp cooling tower manufacturers in india. We are designed Square shape and round Shape Frp Cooling Towers.

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Manufacturers

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower work in a way simillar to open cooling tower aside from that the warmth load to be rejected is transfered from the procedure fulid to the surrounding air through a warmth trade oil. The curl serves to seclude the procedure liquid from the outside air, keeping it clean and debase free in a shut circle. This makes two separate liquid circuits.

Closed Circuit Shape Cooling Tower

an outer circuit, in which splash water circles over the coll and blends with the outside, an interior circuit, in which the procedure field courses inside the loop.Amid task, warm is transfered from the interior circuit, through the curl to the splash water, and after that to the air as a part of the water, and after that to the climate as a segment of the water vanishes.

The season of lack of chilly water supply we need to go for Closed Circuit Cooling Tower. The cooling water is flows in a nearby circle comprising tower unit.

We may include some percent of the cooling water from the accessible water assets to the shut circuit cooling framework and we can diminish the cooling tower measure.On the off chance that our blending proportion is zero, it is called totally shut framework. At the point when the blending proportion is 100%, it is called an open framework. Closed Circuit Cooling Tower are appropriate for Thermal Power Plant

    Applications :-
  • Refrigeration & Chilling Plant
  • Diesel Engine & Gas Engine
  • Milk & Dairy Plants

Closed Circuit Cooling

Closed Circuit Cooling

Closed Circuit Cooling