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Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd is the Leading frp cooling tower manufacturers in india. We are designed Square shape and round Shape Frp Cooling Towers.

Dry cooling tower manufacturers in india

Dry cooling tower manufactures /Coil Cooling Tower is a hardware which is utilized to cool and keep up the temperature of process boiling water at a specific level. This works on the guideline of warmth exchange by a warmth exchanger with expanded blades. The fan is deiven by an Electric Motor. Applying dry cooling implies sparing water.

Dry cooling advances demonstrate specialized characteristics and adequacy in power plant warm dismissal.

Dry Cooling Tower

Towers working in mix of expanded sine wave finned surface warmth exchange curls, with hub stream fans and inflexible development for standard activity. The boiling water from any gear can be sent to the gulf of the Dry Cooling Tower and that high temp water get Cooled and Cold water outlet from the Dry/Coil is associated with the pump, which draws the chilly water to the hardware to exchange the warmth from the hardware with less Evaporation misfortune, Maintenance free, No need of crude Water tank and 100% free from descaling.

Need of Air/Dry/Coil Cooling Tower

Water is the most basic component of our life, About 97 percent of that is put away in sea. Of the rest of the 3%, 2% are solidified ermanently as ice. What is left is the thing that we need to work with. Furthermore, this valuable and small sum needs a considerable measure of regard for play out its capacity legitimately in the machines of human advancement. Water assumes an extraordinary job in ventures. It is utilized as a coolant in different apparatuses. In water cooling towers like FRP Tower or Timber Tower, enormous loss of water because of float, dissipation, splash misfortune and blow down. It is currently inexhaustibly evident that water charges will continue ascending at well past expansion rates. So for that we are presenting the Dry Cooling Tower/Coil Cooling tower for spare the water.

Need of Air/Dry/Coil Cooling Tower

Usage :

The Air/Dry/Coil Cooling Tower are exceptionally smaller and efficiently intended for Diesel Engines and LT and HT Circuits.

Very Less Water Conceptions:

The Air/Dry/Coil Cooling Tower are air cooled gear so just you fill little amount of water, after that it isn’t required extra water. Because of the shut circuit there is no dissipation misfortune. So our towers are spare the water penny percent.

Filling Water :

You can fill any typeor nature of water. No need of water softening plant or treatment synthetic compounds. In first time just you fill little amount of basic drinking water.

No Scale arrangement

Because of shut circuit, same water will be flowed constantly and no way for vanishing with the goal that scale won’t be isolated from the water and it isn’t store at anyplace in the warmth exchange zone.


Our Towers are exceptionally minimized and efficiently planned. There is no any confinement for the area of the plant; air is the cooling media. It cools the heated water and keeps up the temperature of process high temp water at a specific level. It has intended for most astounding encompassing temperature so we could run the motor in 100% load even in pinnacle summer. It has the fan and electric engine to the water.

Dry Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Towers

Dry Cooling Towers